As this is the first post, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sebastian Cabrera, I’m a Colombian and world citizen born in the great year of 87, a business student at USF and entrepreneur with dreams just like anybody else. Today I want to start the path of fulfilling one of them.

 I dream to drive initiatives that help us, the world citizens, become part of a greater self and transcend social and political boundaries to make a better world. I know this may sound broad and too dreamy, but there is a reason for it. Our world as is, experiences gaps, ironies, and loopholes that exist only because of our disconnect with each other. In a world with seamless online connectivity among people and incredible technological advancement, we are still experiencing immense social problems and great challenges for humanity to solve.

I believe there is a first step to become part of the solution. This starts when we request and pressure our leaders to innovate the traditional governance process to include citizens into a positive, committed and transparent communication. However we (the world citizens) have lost hope in our leaders in governments around the world.This is because of a lack of transparency, the constant threat of corruption and damaging politics among other issues. 

There are determinant reasons to take a first step. I live in San Francisco and elections for Mayor are around the corner.

Why not ask: What is the commitment that every candidate has for an open government in their administration?

 A transparent government is the first step for us the citizens to be able to participate and work together towards a solution, any solution—but for it to be a true solution. With this principle let’s talk Beyond Gov—>


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