The words politics and politician generate an immediate negative resistance from citizens all over the world. Often they are synonymous with a complex discourse, hard to grasp economic data and corrupt behaviors, aspects far away from the general real public interest. 

Political campaigns are usually viewed as government projects that have a clear target; achieve power. In many cases, a politician wins an election just due to their immediate charms, controversial discourse attacking former officials and broad and unrealistic promises that easily captivate both uneducated and educated audiences. All of which focuses far from the important aspects, which should be their capabilities that make them good candidates to govern.

Our general disconnect from the governance process, allow these public figures to focus on irrelevant issues. Instead of developing a logical approach to solve critical problems, other costly and unnecessary efforts are made; all because we cannot digest what is important to us in our local communities. 

We can agree that citizens need qualified people to govern, showing clarity in their projects, with innovative improvement plans that resemble honesty and transparency. No doubt, what should really matter is their experience, their vision of the “status quo”, their government plans and execution milestones. Those characteristics are usually ignored, leaving us in the cold, waiting for the media to rescue our lost opinions in election time. 

If citizens feel comfortable just by participating in a democratic process where the only engagement option is voting, we will never achieve a much needed collaborative environment, where we don’t wait for things to happen. If we choose a representative from our community to be our leader and make important decisions that impact our lifestyle, then we should demand a better interactive space to drive prosperity. The question here is how?

Our reaction to politics will only change, if we start believing that by participating we are indeed enhancing our lifestyles. This connection has yet to happen, and will not happen if politicians keep talking about irrelevant issues and we continue to buy it. Lets talk beyond gov.

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